Production & Fulfillment

  • What kinds of products do you manufacture?
    This is not a complete list, but we make bath and body products, cleaning products (including green), hand sanitizer gel, many different kinds of hand soaps, odor control products, and scent prevention products for the hunting industry. There are many more that we do not have room to list here. If you don’t see the kind of product you are looking for, just give us a call.
  • What size and types of containers of products do you offer?
    We produce all sizes and shapes, from two-ounce bottles to totes. We will fill any container that will fit on our production lines.
  • What is your production capacity?
    Our capacity is four liquid fill lines, plus other types of fillers. We are currently running one and a half shifts five days per week so we do have capacity remaining. Additionally, a recent expansion of our production and warehouse has given us room to add two to three more liquid fill lines. In other words, we are ready to accommodate rapid expansion if needed.
  • What minimum quantities of product do you require?
    Of course it will depend on the product and container size. We have very low minimums; if you need 1,000 to 10,000 bottles for market testing or for distribution, we are ready to turn it around quickly.
  • What precautions are taken for quality product fulfillment?
    Some of the manufacturing precautions we take for filling are:
    1. We follow and maintain all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
    2. We perform an alcohol line cleaning between each fill, plus a quarterly bleaching.
    3. We do not manufacture any acid or hazardous products.
  • What are your root cause analysis and corrective action programs?
    We hold a weekly departmental meeting between Customer Service, Production, and Shipping. Here we discuss issues and begin an investigation if warranted. If products have fallen out of specification, they are reviewed by Production and QC. They are reworked and retested until they conform to our spec.
  • What are your internal processes to maintain product quality?
    SOPs are in place and followed at every level of the organization.
  • What are your internal processes to obtain raw materials in order to meet production schedule and delivery requirements?
    We will work with our customer and suppliers. If a customer wants to set up blanket orders with scheduled releases, Aire-Master will be sure to have the components on hand and available to make and deliver on time. Otherwise, upon receipt of a PO, Aire-Master immediately runs reports for components needed to complete the customer’s order. Items are ordered and once ETAs are confirmed, we can give the customer estimated lead-time on their goods.
  • What are your “lead times” required to meet delivery schedules?
    This really depends on a lot of variables. First time orders, may take a little longer. Existing items that have been made in the past, but not on blanket orders, can take 10–15 working days (often quicker) as long as all components are readily available. This depends on quantities as well.
  • How do you receive orders? How do you confirm orders?
    We can receive via fax, email, phone, and EDI. Once the order is entered into our system, an email confirmation is sent to the customer at the end of the day.

Customer Service

  • What is your return policy?
    We work very hard to make our customers satisfied with their products. We also make sure all the product specifications, pricing, terms, and conditions are clearly understood by all parties. On custom products — specifically made for a customer — we do not accept returns unless the product is found to be faulty.
  • What financing options do you have available for customers?
    We do not offer financing. Our terms are Net 30 Days from the shipping date.
  • What are your requirements for emergency / rush orders?
    We know that emergencies can arise. We have no requirements beyond normal minimums. Aire-Master is flexible and will do everything we can to meet your deadline; if we can’t, we’ll tell you so up front.
  • What other services can you offer us?
    We provide custom formulation, expert product knowledge, container sourcing, packaging and display design, private labeling, fast turnaround, and quality control. If you are looking to formulate a new product, or match an existing one, we can do it.
  • What can your creative department offer us?
    1. In house graphic design service.
    2. Label, package, and display design.
    3. Renderings of finished product.
    4. Ready-to-go retail line.
    5. See our Design Services page for more.

General Information

  • How do I contact Aire-Master?
    Our complete contact information is on our Contact page.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Aire-Master was established in 1958. The company began as the route service division of a chemical supply company, then branched off as standalone business. Aire-Master of America has expanded to include franchising and contract manufacturing as distribution channels. You can read a more about Aire-Master and its history on our About page.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Nixa, Missouri — centrally located in the middle of the USA. Our company offices, manufacturing plant, warehouse, and shipping department are all part of the same facility.